Business Partners

David Hooten
Pixelpoint Artistry David is a color and printing expert. He can produce extremely large (wall-sized) prints. He can help with troublesome color representations. Dave is quite knowledgeable about modern imaging software.

Brook Lindren

Framed Art Studios

Brook has a wealth of experience in the local art scene. Knowledgable on everything from studio use to framing choices. She's been a wonderful partner.

Photography News

Digital Camera Equipment Reviews.

In depth. News that matters. Professional.

Lanscape Photography Website

Palm Pilot Applications

Depth of Field and Field of View calculator

Love. I use it constantly for depth of field. User-defined list of lens and f-stops. Hyperfocal.

Sunrise/Sundown calculator

Love. Very well done.

TIdal calculator


Locations Database

Used for Sol II. A pre-defined database of latitudes and longtitudes of common locations. Supports addition of user-defined locations.


The Strobist


Learn from a very experienced and talented guy on the use of strobes

Missoula, MT

Pure love. Fantastic workshops and teachers.

Science of depth-of-field

Defraction Limiting

Defraction Limiting

Defraction limiting, circle of confusion

Fabulous Tutorials

shift/tilt, color management, image editing, more.

Photography Equipment Suppliers

Extensive Photography Gear

Pure love if you can't buy locally. Great service, order and shipping processes.

Pro Photo Supply, Portland Oregon

Professional Photography Gear and Services

Very knowledgable. Once you get a sales representative's attention, they stay with you until you're complete. Don't go on a Saturday.

Photography Technology

Colorburst Paper ICC profiles

ColorBurst Queue Series and Layout Series for Windows.

All files are in .zip format. They contain ColorBurst environment files, the corresponding ICC Profiles, and a readme file containing installation instructions