About this site: Galleries in this site largely contain photographs of nature - landscape and macro. Also included are some street and abstract images. For queries on images and services please contact us.

Recently: I've tried to grow a little in using some modern software techniques for High Dynamic Range (HDR) and near-infinite-depth-of-field images. I do love what can be done with HDR - very dramatic - but always true is: nothing helps like a great photograph, except today it's nothing helps like a technically precise image matrix. I've also grown a little interest in more abstract, or structural images. Regardless, I hope you enjoy the images.

This site is still under construction. I hope you find the gallery pages servicable for initial review.


Nature Images are of areas in the Pacific Northwest, Desert Southwest and the Intermountain West. Of particular focus are Montana, coastal and inland Oregon, Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, Washington and Wyoming. Rivers include the Columbia, Yellowstone, Madison, Gallatin and more. Landscapes include Yellowstone National Park, Southern and Western Montana, Oregon Coastal parks, Mount Hood National Forest, Arizona's Coconino State Park, Saguarro National Park, Perry Park and several parks and points near Ouray, Colorado.

Panoramic images are almost always a high-resolution composite of two or three images.


To acquire archival-quality, high-resolution prints up to 24" x 36", please see the prints page and contact us. I love to do panoramas and can supply top-grade-quality panoramic prints in sizes up to 2' x 100'. I have a framing partner and can deliver framed pieces or framed sets. I take a great deal of pride in the technical aspects of the images - the results for sharpness/detail are more apparent in the prints.